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Wooden Croquet Balls

Do you want to go retro? Do you want to say no to plastic? Has the finish on your wooden croquet balls in your old set become chipped and flaky? Now you can keep your croquet equipment and replace the old wooden balls with new ones. These are not as heavy as compressed sawdust balls but they are the only wooden balls that we can find in this price range. Also, you can order wooden balls in any color that we can dye on maple. Almost any color, besides white, will work.

We’ve been working on these for awhile and we finally have a workable formula for the finish. What we didn’t like about the old wooden croquet balls was mainly the finish. The paint chipped and once it was chipped, it not only looked bad but wasn’t resistant to weather.

These wooden Maple croquet balls are stained with dye and then finished with at least 3 coats of a type of polyurethane that will not chip or they are finished with 5 or more coats of teak oil, or a couple of coats of each. They are  very weather resistant. We have left them out in the rain, overnight, ( for test purposes) and they’ve been fine. Like any wooden sports equipment, we don’t recommend leaving them out but they are very durable.

At this time, we offer smooth, 3” wooden balls. They are not quite as big as our 3.3” plastic balls but they are as big or bigger than many original wooden balls in backyard croquet sets. They are not as bright as the plastic balls but the dyed finish has a soft beauty to it. For comparison purposes, we’ve placed our 3” wooden croquet ball next to our 3.3” plastic ball  The plastic balls are about 9 oz. each and the wooden balls are about 5 oz. each. These wooden balls are not as heavy as the compressed sawdust balls. As far as we know, those are no longer available except in some used backyard sets...


All sets of croquet balls, wooden and plastic, come packaged in a unique tie dyed cotton bags. For sets of either wood or plastic, for $37 per set, click below. Custom colors only available with wooden croquet balls.

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For 5 ounce, individual 3” wooden croquet balls, for $6.50 each, choose your color  and click here:

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