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Amazing World Wickets

our best wickets for extreme croquet;

visible from afar; lightweight; stake into most types of ground

( 100% bamboo wickets, aluminum wickets, and steel wickets are shown on other pages)

Balls can ricochet off of this large surface much easier and more predictably than the thin wire wickets of most sets. Our stakes are all over 1/2” in diameter. The picture on the left shows 4” opening with a 3.3” ball. Also, the 12” height of the opening allows you to hop the ball. Aerial shots are virtually impossible on most recreational wickets. They simply don’t offer enough room to hop over other balls. Our wicket stakes have green guidelines to help you achieve a 12” height. On the right, the pictures show 6” openings with 3.2” balls. Many of the balls included in sporting goods store sets are only 2.5”. If you have those kind of croquet balls, they’ll fit through either wicket a little easier than the balls in the picture.

$9 each or both sizes for $13

Your choice of openings: 4”, (close to tournament size, very challenging) or

6”, standard backyard recreational size (easiest)


Both sizes can be seen easily from across the park, the cow pasture, your huge backyard, or wherever you play

A low cost, effective alternative to tournament wickets. These wickets have ricochet characteristics that you can’t find in wire wickets. Switching to 4”x12” openings with ricochet ability is the quickest way to improve your skills and increase the challenge of the game. Wickets are actually about 21”x 8” x 10” (outside measurements.)  Installed, they have a 4”x 12” opening. They are as tall as 12” tournament wickets so you can hop the ball effectively. Wickets are schedule 40 PVC with bamboo stakes. The hoops are more flexible than their $40 counterparts. They’re not tournament approved but, hey, they’re great fun; they work great; they’ll never rust and they’re 100% satisfaction guaranteed!.

By popular demand, we now offer a choice of 4” or 6” openings. Typical backyard wire wickets have 6” openings.

“Official” tournaments set wickets to about 3 15/16” so our 4” wickets are pretty close. Don’t worry, be happy. Our goal is always to deliver fun, quality, challenging equipment at reasonable prices. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. And, of course, everything is satisfaction guaranteed.

To select single hoops for $9 each choose size, then click here..

opening size

To select  pairs of hoops, ( 1 pr. stakes with both sizes of interchangable hoop openings), for $13, click here..


All wickets are sold individually or in (recommended) packs of 3 for $25. Most variations of croquet use 6 or 9 wicket courses, so multiples of three are great way to build a full set. Try them alongside  common wire wickets and you’ll probably order more. A three pack is also a great gift for a friend. Experience the difference.

3 Packs, $25!

Choose 4” or 6” openings.

Both for $37!

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To select one three pack of either size, for $25 choose size and click here.

Select gate size

To select a combination set that includes both sizes of openings, for $37, click here





For Indoor/Outdoor Street Wickets, click here

To Install Amazing World Croquet Wickets

First lay out pegs. Then push or hammer one stake into the ground. Measure distance for second stake with hoop. Drive second stake, into the ground, to the green line. We usually use a rubber or plastic hammer but mallets work too. The green line is a guide to give your hoop a 12” clearance. Of course, you can vary the clearance by pushing it in more or less. Hoop will slide easily onto stakes by hand but will not come off while playing. A little sunblock or vegetable oil will help them slide even easier and keep them from getting stuck. Notice that one set of stakes will work for both sizes of gates.  You can mix and match them, to make some parts of your course more difficult than others. Or, you can switch sizes, depending on the event..

Beautify Your Backyard!

Check out our all bamboo wickets!