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Use these cotton washcloths anywhere.


Custom colors available!

Leave a note at checkout or by email, for pattern and color requests

Order 9 washcloths at once and we’ll send a tenth one free!



When ordered together, washcloths come out very close to alike but each are unique. You may mix patterns or match them.

Above, are two and three color spirals.

The first two examples below are two-color spirals but they’re very loose spirals. Since it’s just a washrag, only the center of the tie dyed spiral shows. The bottom two are spirals but tied more tightly and the spirals were dyed in a different way.

More two-color spirals, tied a little bit tighter. Scroll down for more examples..


Some more two-color and three-color spirals.




More two-color medium spirals

To order single washcloths for $4 each, click here. You may add comments and instructions, at checkout.

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Below are examples of washcloths ordered together.  In this order, we were asked to use a variety of patterns but use the same, crimson, yellow, and gold colors on all of them.

10 packs are just $36


To order 10-packs of like colors, click below. You may mix and match patterns but each ten-pack will include 10 washcloths of matching colors.

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