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Team Towels are 30 x 60, just under 1 pound each

Order any colors you want

We’ll do everything we can to match your team’s colors. If we don’t have your team colors, we’ll mix them and show you samples before you order your sets.

 Here are some examples. Scroll down to see some more. And, check out our examples page for more ideas. Just indicate your colors at checkout.

This is “The Patriot.” The red, white and blue is used in every poliical campaign and also appeals to fans of the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox, the Cleveland Indians, the LA Angels, Buffalo Bills, NY Giants, Houson Texans, Tennessee Titans, and many schools including Central and Eastern Washingto, Seattle University and countless others.

This color combination may appeal to fans of the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Minnesota Vikings. Lots of schools use blue and yellow. The shades are just examples. We can easily darken or lighten them to match your school’s colors pretty closely..

Orange and blue is loved by fans of the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins and school’s such as Syracuse, Florida, Ilinois, and Boise State. Of course, the shades vary from team to team but we’ll make towels you like.

Crimson’s used by Harvard, Alabama, Indiana, and Oklahoma to name just a few colleges. We can derive other reds such as scarlet, maroon, and cardinal by altering this recipe just a little bit. With maroon, instead of Crimson, similar towels would work for the Tampa Bay Bucanneers and Mississippi State. Adjusted to scarlet, San Diego State, Arkansas, Rutgers. Stanford and Southern California both have cardinal as one of their official colors. 


Purple and Gold is a very popular choice with Husky fans. Go U of W!

Red and Black is great for Cincinati and Georgia. Request some more white for Houston.

How about orange and black? This’ll work for Cincinnati Bengals fans and by replacing the black with navy blue, it’s like the Denver Broncos.

How about black and gold? A very popular team color. Pittsburg Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Magnolia High School, Enterprise High, Lynnwood High, and hundreds more. Remember, we can adjust the shade. Just send a link and we’ll send a sample.


Here’s a red and gold team set, about to be shipped.


Team Sets of 25 Beach Towels

Even in a team set, they all come out a little different. I will plan the recipe and send you sample swatches before I start. The colors will match but each towel will vary. They are individually hand-dyed and variation is the nature of tie dye.


($17 each)

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Extra Towels for team set of 25

If ordering between 25 and 100 towels, use this button to get extra towels for $17 each. No extra shipping charges. You’ll only be charged shipping for the first 25 towels.

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Whether you order 10, 25, or less, feel free to mix and match patterns. Your team colors will still match. Just request pattern variations at checkout, or email your requests.

Team Sets of 10 Beach Towels

Swimming teams, water polo. They’re also excellent bench & lap towels for all sports events. Brighten up your section in your team’s colors!

10 for $180

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For extra towels

If ordering between 10 and 25 towels, use this button to add extra towels for $18 each. No extra charges for shipping the extra towels. You’re only charged to ship the first 10 towels.

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