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Indoor/Outdoor Wickets

Finally, a full sized hard surface wicket!

Use them indoors or out. They stand up straight in gyms and parking lots, in the street and on carpets. Hard surfaces and carpets make croquet accessible to wheel chair players, schools, hospitals, cruise ships, and anyone who can’t always play on the lawn. These wickets are about 12” high and feature 6” gates. To see the unique end posts that match these hard surface wickets, go to our end stakes page.


To order single wickets, for $9 each, click below:

To order a full set of street wickets for $65, click below.



choose gate size


To order single wicket bases for $4 per pair, click below

To order a full set of street wicket bottoms (bases),for $30, click below. Bases are interchangable with Amazing World wicket bamboo stakes. The hoops are the same in both sets.