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In addition to our bamboo and PVC/bamboo wickets, we offer powder coated steel wickets. Powder coating is much longer lasting than vinyl covering. These wickets are 11.5” high and a challenging 4.75” wide. They are the first economical steel wickets we’ve found that are tall enough to hop through the wicket, over another ball. They are thicker in diameter than most any sporting goods store wicket.

Below, are 3 recreational wickets. The wicket in the middle is our steel wicket. The wickets on the sides are common sporting goods store wickets. They are both just under 3/16” in diameter. The wicket on the left is rated as “premium” and the one on the right “deluxe.” The one on the right is flexible wire, covered with vinyl. The wicket on the left is stiffer steel wire, covered with vinyl.

We sell the wicket in the center. They are 1/4” diameter and the steel is very rigid. Though 1/4” doesn’t have the ricochet characteristics of our 1/2” PVC/bamboo  wickets, they are almost as thick as our all bamboo arched wickets. Unlike the wickets on the sides, our wickets have plenty of room to hop a ball through the gate.  ....

Though they are not tournamet sized hoops, they do have a challenging entrance, compared to most all department or sporting goods store wickets. The gates measure about 4.75”. Though our bamboo wickets leave a foot or more from ground to ceiling, these leave plenty of room to hop a ball. If you’re not playing in sand, you should only have to push these in an inch or two so you’ll have plenty of clearance for hopping balls.

Powder coated steel wickets

$4 each


Set of 9 powder coated steel  wickets