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Handmade Bamboo Croquet End Stakes

The stripes are not painted on but we cut plastic material used for radio-controlled airplanes and cars. This material will not chip and weather, unlike paint. We use at least two coats of outdoor polyurethane to brighten and protect the bamboo. Each pair includes a starting and ending stake (with blue wicket clip holder ) and a turning stake (with red wicket clip holder)

 $10 per pair


Indoor/Outdoor Hard Surface End Posts

These posts are designed for use on blacktops, gyms, large carpeted areas, patios and in the street. They’re also handy for extreme, rocky or hard-packed areas where you can’t drive in stakes.

They’re PVC with bright, high-quality plastic striping.

$20 per pair


These handmade bamboo croquet end stakes are one of a kind. They aren’t available anywhere else.

All of our stakes are at least 24” long and feature removable wicket clip holders.






Simply remove the wicket clip holder, pound the stake into the ground. Then replace the wicket clip holder and you’re ready. In the picture on the right,, orange has to hit the turning stake next. The 30” mallet is in displayed to show the size of our stakes.  .

Attention, extreme croquet players!

Though our bright colors and large 24” stakes are very easy to see on a standard croquet course, we know how big some courses are. You may order our croquet stakes at any length. Just request them at checkout. No extra charge for any length up to 36”. For stakes longer than 36”, just email us for a price quote. Otherwise, checkout with 24” stakes and make a special request for longer stakes.

A set of croquet stakes makes a great gift. Like all of our items, they come with free gift wrapping!