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Rectangular mallet heads!


 The complete mallets weigh in at about 2 pounds. At about 9”x2.25”, heads range from about 14 ounces to 21 ounces. You may choose any length handle from 28” to 36”. Upon special request at checkout, you can even get a custom mallet cut to lengths shorter than 28”. We use a variety of native hardwoods and some exotics that we’ve rescued from cabinetry shops’ scrap piles. We are currently using Ash for most of our heads and Hickory or Maple for most of the handles. All of these mallets come with a soft, tie dyed mallet head cover.

Introducing, bamboo croquet mallets!

Bamboo is a renewable resource and works great for croquet!

We’ve had bamboo wickets for over four years. Now we have bamboo mallets too!

These mallets work great. We don’t think you’ll see mallets like these anywhere else. For the heads, we use bamboo that is engineered for cabinets and floors. The handles are high quality, cured bamboo cane. We use strong marine-grade twine and epoxy to reinforce both ends of the handle. We plug the hole at the end with cork and then finish the mallet with polyurethane. These are not only unique and beautiful but they’re very functional.

The bamboo mallet pictured between the two hardwood mallets is 37”. You may order the mallets in any length you’d like. They are custom made, for you. Just leave a note at checkout. We will begin making it after you order. If you’d prefer a bamboo head with a hardwood handle, we can make that too but please specify at checkout. All of these mallets come with a mallet head cover.

$25 each Bamboo mallets unavailable until further notice.

Hardwood Mallets!

The heads are ash, hard maple, cherry, walnut and other woods, all designed to provide maximum durability, beauty, and entertainment. Like our cylindrical “one-piece” mallet heads, these have your choice of 1” or 1.125” glued handles, with glued dowel pins for added reinforcement. Handles are made from hickory, ash, oak, or maple and occasionally from birch or poplar.


$25 each

Rectangular head mallets, with wedge, click below


Standard rectangular head mallets (no wedge), click below.

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Choose handle colors
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Mallet Sets

Order any 4 hardwood mallets and receive a nylon carrying bag free!


Mallet sets come with a ripstop nylon carry bag and one of a kind tie dyed mallet head covers.