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Shipping- As low as we can go!

Our shipping prices are based on USPS Priority Mail and FedEx rates.

We don’t make profit on shipping. We charge you whatever it costs us. Sometimes we charge less. If PayPal charges you more than we end up paying, we’ll refund the difference. We never charge a handling fee, even if we have to stand in line for a customs form.

If you live in Canada, we may ship your order First Class because the fees for First Class to Canada are similar to those for Priority Mail within the U.S. However there is no tracking service available on International First Class.

For all shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and international service, please email us to find out the exact shipping charges and our best guess as to how much time it will take. We’ll invoice you, with the extra charges, if there are any. Most objects such as croquet balls and tie dyed items will fit in flat rate shipping boxes and won’t cost extra to Hawaii or Alaska. Croquet mallets, croquet sets, deadness boards, end stakes, team sets of towels and other bulky items do cost extra.