Rounded Head Mallets

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Rounded Head, One Piece Mallets

croquet mallets, 45 wedges copy 202

Mallets come with two flat head ends or a wedge on one end. If you select a wedge, 45 degrees is our standard cut If you want a different angle, just let us know.


Painted Mallets

mallet, paint red, orange pers, web






mallet red blue pers paint copy



Dyed Mallets

The mallets below are not painted. They are dyed. As you can see, the colors mix a little. The green and yellow made a lime color and the red and yellow made an orange at the transitions. If you want more than one color of dye on a dyed mallet, be sure to leave a note at checkout and keep in mind that the colors will mix in some places.







mallet, dyed, blu, red2 copy





:Order 4 or more mallets at once and receive a free, handmade carrying bag

 American made, hard-maple mallet heads with sight lines. Order mallet heads with or without a wedge. For wedge angles other than 45 degrees  just leave a note at checkout or by email.

Mallet handles are usually hickory, ash, maple, birch or oak and sometimes poplar, with hand grips. Your choice of lengths! 28,” 30”, 32,” 34,” or 36”. Order your choice of 1.125” or 1” (9/8” or 8/8”). We now offer a 1.25” handle but we only make it with the 2.5” head. The most common place for a mallet to break is where the handle meets the head. That’s where there’s the most stress. Most mallets are tapered at this area and many of them are threaded. Those with threads are 3/4” diameter or less, where the handle meets the mallet head. Since our handles are the same diameter at the grip as throughout the handle and through the mallet head, a 1” mallet handle is still stronger than almost any other recreational quality mallet. So if you’d like a narrower grip, try a 1” handle.

Our mallet handles are permanently glued to the mallet heads for added strength. Everyone, especially extreme croquet players, know that anything will break if you hit it hard enough. Instead of adding expensive hardware to attach a removable handle, we make a one-piece durable mallet for a low price.

The painted mallets are hand-painted except the hitting surface. The “natural” finish mallet is not painted but the entire mallet is an oil-rubbed oil finish and can be covered with polyurethane, except the hitting surface. You may order the natural mallets in dark stain or no stain. The dyed mallets are dyed with high quality dye and finished with boat varnish or polyurethane. Great for heavy use. The color is not as bright as paint but still very bright and the color will not chip, since the dye soaks into the wood, instead of laying on top. It has a very interesting, metallic look, after it’s finished with polyurethane. All mallets are finished with a 1-3 coats of polyurethane or varnish, unless you choose oil finish only. The hitting surface on all of these mallets is a natural hard-maple surface, hand-rubbed with oil so they won’t chip.

$22.50-$27.50 each

If you order 4 mallets or more, at the same time, we’ll include a free, handmade carrying case

To choose standard mallets, select here

To choose wedged mallets, select here

mallet head size
Choose Colors
Choose length
Choose handle diameter
Choose finish


mallet head size
Choose Colors
Choose length
Choose handle diameter
Choose finish


Personalized Mallets!

Personalize your mallets for no extra charge! These make great gifts! Whether you’re ordering a set or just one mallet, you can request free lettering for no extra charge. Lettering is hand-painted. We customize the one-piece and the two-piece mallets. Just request the letters at customer checkout. Just one name per mallet.

All mallets are custom made.  Please let us know if you have a deadline. Orders are usually shipped within 3-10 business days, depending on the weather and how many orders we have at the time. We’re on the West coast. Shipping to the East coast takes about a week, FedEx Ground. Please let us know if you need your mallets by a certain date. We will do our best to get it there on time.