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Show spirit! Brighten up any rally!

Help your candidate win! Help your team win!

Show your colors at a concert!

Get tie dyed towels in the colors you want!

No Minimum Order! Low, Fast Shipping!

7 sizes available! The popular 12” x 18” fringed velour towel, the “22x22” bandana size. Also triangular bandanas 22”x22”x29”. These are the perfect weight  for wearing on your head, around your neck, or carrying in your pocket. They’re lightweight so they’re easy to wave around and they blow well in the wind. 12”x12” (washcloth) and 16”x28” (hand towel) are both great for waving around! 25”x48” (bath) and 30”x60” (beach) are great for laps, backs and seats. Whether you’re on a seat, a bench or on the grass,  large towels are great for games, rallies, concerts, any large gathering. You’ll never lose your seat with these towels! Large, plush towels are great benchwarmers and, if you spill something, they are way more useful than typical rally towels.

For specific colors that vary a little from team to team and school to school  please email a picture or leave a link to a website that displays their colors. We’ll get the shade as close as we can. We can even provide an advance color sample afer you order but before we dye your items. Some of the samples are shown in washcloths and hand towels though all rally towels are available in beach towels, bath towels, washcloths, complete towel sets, and bandanas...

Red, White, and Blue

Democrats, Republicans, and lots of teams use this color. Red, white and blue is probably the most common color combination in pro sports. Used by the Red Sox, Patriots, Indians, Texans, Titans and many more pro teams. Many colleges use this combination, too. Central WA U, Eastern WA and Seattle U, just to name a few.  Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or support any of the red, white, and blue teams, you can use one of these towels.

And, you’ll never lose it at the beach.

. .

Crimson, Grey, and White

These towels were ordered by a supporter of the CA High School, Paso Robles Bearcats. Their red is crimson but we’ll work to develop the red of your choice. Lots of schools and pro teams use various shades of red, grey and white such as the University of Alabama, the Tampa Bay Bucanneers, Chico State Wildcats, and WA State University. Just let us know which type of red is right for you. Rally to help your team win! Add more color to the stands!


Blue & Yellow

A popular color combination for schools and pro teams. You choose the shade of blue and yellow. We will gladly make the yellow gold.

Blue and Orange

Another popular color combination. We made towels like this, by request from students at Syracuse University and the University of Florida

Black and Gold

This picture actually shows two triangular bandanas, with two different shades of gold. This is the size of the square bandana. Two triangular bandanas are cut from one square bandana. Countless high schools, colleges and many pro teams sport the black and gold. Magnolia HS, Enterprise HS, and the Pittsburg Steelers, just to name a few.

velour rally diamond bg copy
This is our fringed, velour 12” x 18” rally towel, with a hook and grommet.

It’s like a golf towel but smaller. Custom colors and patterns, of course.


Choose colors

22”x22”x29” Customized, hand-dyed triangular bandanas are only $3 each.

For triangular bandanas, select colors and click here. If you select “custom,”indicate colors at checkout, or email us with your preferences.

Low shipping. Save on shipping. Order lots of them.

22”x22” Bandanas make great rally towels! They’re lightweight, and compact enough to fit in your pocket! Wear them, wave them, rally with them!For a full sized bandana select colors and click here. If you choose “custom,” indicate colors at checkout or email us with your preferences. Don’t forget to leave a note at checkout, if you want custom colors


select colors


select colors


To order 12”x12” rally towels (washcloths) for $5 each, click here. Order lots of them to get a big rally going and save on shipping too.

To order 16”x25” rally hand towels for $7 each, click here. Rally hand towels are bath style hand towels and a little lighter weight and shorter than the dobby-hemmed hand towels on our hand towel page. Order with friends. Save shipping. Leave your color choices in commentss section at checkout.





To order rally beach towels for $20 each, click here. Order with friends and save shipping. Leave your color choices in comment section at checkout!

To order rally bath towels for $15 each, click here. Automatic combined shipping! Order with friends! Leave your color choices at checkout.



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Choose colors


To order a rally towel set including a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth, click here. Order sets with your friends and save on shipping charges


For our large Rally Set, click here. You’ll get one of each towel, all matching: Beach, Bath, Hand, and fringed rally towel.

Of course, save on shipping charges when ordering more than one set.





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