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Replacement Croquet Balls!

Upgrade from your other backyard croquet balls!

Cheap enough to lose during extreme croquet

These are the same croquet balls that come in all Amazing World, North Meadows, Forest Industries (Paris), and many other sets. They’re grooved plastic, about 3.31” (84mm) in diameter and weigh about 9 ounces. Most backyard sets range from 2.5” to this size. They match up fine with all backyard mallets.

$37 for a set of 6: blue, red, black, yellow, green & orange




All sets of croquet balls come in a unique, tie dyed, carry bag. To order a set, click below.




Lost croquet balls?

Want to make your own croquet set?

We sell single replacement croquet balls!

Choose your color! Custom colors only available in wooden balls. Plastic balls only come in 6 standard colors.

For plastic replacement balls, click below. For wooden balls, go to our wooden balls page.


Grooved, plastic croquet balls $7 each

Choose colors