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Spice up the lab with a tie dye Lab Coat! Custom colors & patterns!

A great gift idea for that special teacher or student in you life!

Besides being a great additions to your wardrobe,

they make great gifts for teachers, students, mechanics, and medical workers!

Birthdays, graduation, completion of student teaching

Anytime’s a good time to give someone a lab coat!

Custom dyed, 100% cotton, high quality lab coats. Satisfaction guaranteed! We  colors.  For custom colors, just specify colors in comments section at checkout. Order any color combination you like.

lab coat stripe green blue purple pink 0920101 copy

lab coat green peace copy


variations of vertical stripes of purple, teal, and blue, and green, with pink

If you order a peace sign or another design, you can get it on the front, the back, or on both sides. On the coats above, we dyed the peace signs, only on the back.


lab rainbow blue yellow red 0920101 copy

lab-rainbow-0920106, web
lab red tellow blue 092010 web

Many schools, such as Syracuse, use blue and orange as their dominant colors. Ask for a little more white, if you’d like.

A typical red, yellow, & blue swirl may end up with all 7 rainbow colors, due to mixing. Amounts of each color vary. These two coats are both red, yellow, blue spiral patterns but one is a darker blue and a different red. If you have a preference, please leave a note at checkout, or send us an e-mail.


Gift Idea for a Student!

Unique science fair award, graduation present, or an academic gift of encouragement!

The coat above is a great choice for Cascade High School, Washington State University (WSU) or any school that sports maroon and gray as their colors. Go Cougars, go Bruins! Of course, you can order any color combination you want.




For a Closer Look

Check out the detail in these coats! This smooth cotton weave really brings out that Mandelbrot Set look. Click on the first picture to see closeups of many different coats. Every lab coat is different but every lab coat ends up with similar blending.


Adult Sizing Only! They are sized large so they’ll fit over your clothes. For custom colors and even custom patterns,  just leave comments at checkout. Otherwise, you’ll receive colors of a blue, yellow, and red palette , with a spiral pattern.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL (temporarily sold out of XL)

For a sizing measurement chart, click here

All sizes, colors, and patterns custom made!

Only $57 each!

Choose Colors
Choose Pattern
Choose size


Add a personalized touch for only $5 extra!

(caps only, names, slogans, etc)


lab, personal, black gold, close copy

The Lab Pack

School or Work Set of 25 Custom Lab Coats!

Custom colors available! Mix and match sizes!

You can add special instructions in the comment section at checkout.


That’s only $47 each! Shipped anywhere in the country for $25! That’s only $1 each!

Please order lab packs a few weeks before you need them.

Some teachers wanted horizontal stripes in pink, yellow, green, and orange. They got coats like these

Choose Colors
Choose Patterns
Choose size