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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us gary@amazingworld.org.

Regarding Wickets

    What are the white wickets made out of?

    They are schedule 40 PVC on the top and bamboo on the bottom. Not only are they more economical to buy than cast iron wickets,  they are much less expensive to ship and much lighter to carry to the park. Even steel wickets that are in the price range of our wickets are very heavy to ship and carry.

    Why did you change from plastic to bamboo stakes?

    Even though our plastic stakes were very strong, they were not really stronger than well-prepared bamboo. Bamboo with a good finish on it holds up very well to the weather, is a greener product and is stronger than steel, by weight. Bamboo is a versatile, renewable product. We are going green in many areas. Our bamboo stakes are direct replacement stakes for our black plastic ones. They interchange perfectly with our PVC wickets. The shipping charges for bamboo is as economical as plastic..

    What if I need my items right away?

    Just let us know. We’ll work with you by email and by phone to help you get your order in time. We try to offer low prices. We use the quickest shipping methods that seem to be a reasonable price. Shipping hard maple by air can be very expensive but we’ll do it if you want us to. Just let us know in the comment section.of your order. You can email or call us. We understand that gifts and event items may have to get to you quickly.

    Are your one-piece mallets really stronger than your two-piece mallets?

    All of our mallets are strong but anything will break if enough force is put on it. The most common place for a mallet to break is on the handle where the mallet handle meets the head. That part of the handle is usually at least a little thinner than the rest of the handle and the force from a shot is greatest at that part of the handle. Our threaded handles are 3/4 inch threads as opposed to many 1/2 threads from toy sets and the wood is stronger anyway. But the threaded end is still the weakest and it takes the most abuse. Our one-piece mallets are the same diameter all the way into the head. Of course, they start out as two pieces but they’re not tapered or threaded so they’re harder to break.

    Regarding Tie Dye

    Does tie dyed clothing fade faster than regular clothing?

    No. That is a myth.The method of applying the dye has nothing to do with colorfastness. If tie dyed towels, clothes, bedding or anything are done with high quality dyes that were designed for the type of material that’s being dyed, (in our case, cotton), they will not “bleed” or fade any quicker than any other colored clothing. Of course, over time, colors will fade but that’s no more true for tie dye than any other dyeing process.

    Another important factor is whether or not the company has  rinsed the excess dye off of the fabric and washed the clothing properly.

    We (and many other tie dyers) wash the clothing in soap that’s designed to remove excess dye without bleeding. We also rinse more than twice. By the time you receive your towels, bedding, or clothing, you can be assured they will not bleed into themselves or any of your other colored clothing.

    Does sunlight or salt water fade colored clothing faster than normal use?

    Yes. Sunlight and sea water are two of the biggest culprits when it comes to fading your clothes. Our clothes are dyed to last many years and through many washings. All of our towels and lab coats are treated with a dye fixative to resist chemicals like salts and UV light (like sunlight). We don’t treat the children’s clothes for two reasons. A) Though the dye fixative is considered safe to be used on all clothing, we want to take one extra step towards the safety of children. B) Our dyes will stay colorfast for a long time, even without the fixatives. Kids will grow out of the clothes long before they’d fade anyway.

    Regarding Shipping

    How soon will you ship my items?

    Most orders go out within 2-3 days from the time we receive them. Some custom orders take longer.

    For large team tie dyed orders, please let us know at least a couple of weeks before you need them. We’re on the West Coast. Remember, ground shipping may take a week to some U.S. locations and we need about a week to create a large order.

    Please see our shipping page for more details.