These are just a few examples of possible towel colors. Remember, choose sizes and colors, and color combinations to meet your needs. There’s no minimum and we’ll work with you to create the colors you want. Colors vary in shade from school to school and team to team so it helps to send us a website address, link, or a photo. Many schools just have one color with white. Some of those schools use two shades of that color, with white on most of their clothing. Whatever you want, just ask at checkout, or email me with your idea. Also, for quantity discounts or for very large quantities, please request early. We’re a small company. We stock quite a few blanks to fill orders right away but very large orders take us longer.

The first set of examples are colors dyed on beach towels. Any color can be dyed on any towel, by request. The beach towels have a lower nap and the colors come out a little crisper but feel free to order any colors on any towel type. Scroll down to see some ideas done on hand towels and washcloths.

 Also, if you have a preference for thick lines or thin lines, let us know. We custom make them for you..

These examples were done on hand towels but can be done on any towel



golf burnt maroon, orange, yellow 1 copy02