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Customize Your Own Set

These components are not tournament weight and quality but they feature advantages for extreme croquet, unlike anything on the market in this price range. Tournament quality equipment can run hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Our goal is to make challenging, durable, high quality croquet equipment available to everyone. These wickets and mallets will outperform almost any that you’ll find in sporting goods stores and gift shops. Uncommon in this price range, all Amazing World croquet mallets include sight lines, hand grips, custom lengths, and a choice of finishes. We offer all of the equipment you need to make a custom, high quality set. All sets include a carrying bag. You can replace parts as you need them and when you want them. There’s no need to buy a whole set, every time you want a few new parts.

We also carry fine, pre assembled sets, not made for extreme croquet use. These North Meadow Croquet sets are shown on our “More Sets” page. We also carry replacement handle, to fit their sets and any other set with standard 3/4” threaded handles.


  For descriptions of the individual components in sets, click on the corresponding pictures  below.


Croquet Balls


Croquet Mallets

Choose your own mallet lengths, handle and head diameters, custom painted or dyed mallets, wedged or traditional mallet heads. All of our mallets come with unique mallet head covers.

Cylindrical Head Mallets

Rectangular Head Mallets



wicket clips, deadness boards, etc

End Stakes

Croquet Wickets

Aluminum Wickets (4” and 6” gates available)


PVC/Bamboo Wickets (6” and 4” gates available)

Steel Wickets

Bamboo Wickets

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