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Time for an upgrade? How about a gift for a croquet enthusiast? These are unique, personal mallets

All of our mallets are an upgrade from mallets you’ll find in less expensive  recreational sets. At about 27 oz. and custom sizes offered from “28-36” long, they are heavier and can be ordered shorter or longer than than mallets in this price range. Usually found only on much more expensive mallets, our adult mallets include hand grips and sight lines. Lightweight 9 oz. balls (not included) are perfectly matched to give these hardwood mallets many years of use. Crafted with quality, hand painted, hand rubbed with oil and satisfaction guaranteed. Our three basic styles of mallets are rounded heads, rectangular heads, and kid’s mallets. We are now offering custom wedges on our rounded and rectangular mallets, at no extra charge.

Remember, free gift wrapping (by request)!.

One and Two Piece, Rounded Head Mallets

Rectangular Head Mallets

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Custom Wedges

Kid’s Mallets


A wedge is very handy for extreme croquet. Haven’t we all been stuck in dirt, sand, mud, tall grass, or behind branches? Not having one, during an extreme game, will put you at a disadvantage for many shots. In backyard croquet, it sure makes hopping over balls much easier, though wedges may add wear and tear to the lawn and the wedged end is not as durable as the flat end.