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We are committed to supplying quality, affordable croquet equipment for dedicated recreational players. Our equipment is designed for extreme and frequent recreational use.

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We played for years on common sporting goods store sets before we thought of redesigning croquet equipment for extreme croquet in backyards, beaches, parks, forests, and pastures. All croquet equipment can be fun, with the right people and the right place.

One the next few pages, take a look at the equipment we sell now. Our wicket page will link you to all types of wickets: everything from beautiful bamboo wickets to enhance your backyard, to challenging, sturdy, and extremely visible wickets that you can see from a distance and are ideal for any terrain. We sell indoor/outdoor wickets that are are suitable for gymnasiums, parking lots, hospitals, and streets.  We also sell croquet balls in singles and complete sets. Whether you need a complete set or some components, we’re here to satisfy your croquet needs. You can create your own custom Amazing World set or order  sets made by North Meadow Croquet Company. These sets have previously been marketed as Forest Industries, (formerly Paris Company.)

Our accessories section includes hard to find equipment such as wicket clips and deadness boards.

Our unique mallets make great gifts for adults and kids. Everyone likes having their own mallet.!