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We stock books about leisure, and the slow lifestyle. Most of our books are new.  We do stock some used books such as Croquet because it’s out of print. It’s our favorite book on the subject so we track down used copies and sell them at the best prices we can.

Free Shipping on All Books!

Croquet Books


Croquet, The Sport

by Jack R. Osborn, with John C. Osborn

1989. This is an updated, expanded guidebook, similar to Winning Croquet from Backyard to Greensward. Written for advanced and beginning croquet enthusiasts, includes  the official USCA rules for 6-wicket, 9-wicket, and golf croquet.

New, softcover,  $10bookcroquet1208,-web02


How To Be Idle

Tom Hodgkinson, 2005. Our favorite read on the subject. Presenting 24 chapters as hours in the day of an idler, Hodgkinson presents a humorous and informative account of the importance of the slowness movement.

Price: $9, new, paperback

These are new copies but might have a marker on the binding or a misplaced bar code inside.book-How-to-Be-Idle-paper-102







In Praise of Slowness, How a Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed.

Carl Honore. 2004. Ispired by the above Bertrand Russell classic, this is an excellent, modern analysis of the development of the slowness movement.

Price: $12, new, hardcover






In Praise of Idleness.

 A classic by Bertrand Russell. Written in 1935, this book has inspired idling for decades and continues to be one of the best  books on the subject. We sell the 1996 edition, with an introduction by Howard Woodhouse.

Price: $9, new, softcover





Free Shipping On All Books!

All of the items listed above are currently in stock (unless posted otherwise) and will be shipped promptly (book rate or boxed with the rest of your order. Free shipping within the continental U.S. only. Orders to other locations will still be shipped at our cost. Email us with your shipping info for an estimate.

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