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Brighten up any bathroom! Custom colors, your choice of patterns! Any pattern you see on any other towel page can be used on a bath towel. See our beach towel, towel sets, and golf towel pages for more examples.


University of Washington Husky fans, Seattle Seahawk fans like these towels. U of W gold varies greatly around campus. You can choose whether you want a yellow gold, a darker gold like the towel above, or even a Palomino gold, like their helmets. The towel on the top right is made in the spirit of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. It showcases their academic colors. Their sports colors are just cardinal and white but academically, they add gold, black, and gray. Of course, you can choose the colors and pattern for your towel.



bath double swirl yellow blue green, web

Bath Towels (~27”x ~54” Due to shrinkage, sizes vary)

Both towel choices are very nice towels. Choose standard or heavyweight.

Order 9 towels of the same colors and we’ll send a tenth one free! Okay to mix and match patterns.

$15-19 each, plus shipping.

To choose standard, medium weight, (almost a pound each), cam bordered towels for $15 click here

To choose heavyweight, about 1.3 pounds each for $19 with dobby (fancier) borders, click below. The shipping weight is more than the standard towels. In addition to being $4 more for a heavier towel, the first heavyweight towel is about $4 more to ship than the standard bath towel..

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