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A Set of tie dyed towels brightens up any dorm room, apartment or house. All school and team colors available. Just ask for your colors at checkout.

Bath Towel Sets

Brighten up your bathroom! Each set includes a luxurious, thick pile, 100% cotton, commercial quality bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth. Add a bath mat for a complete bath set. Bath mats are 100% cotton, non-rubberized, dobby-hemmed, hotel style bath mats. Custom color orders welcome, of course. Our default colors for bath sets are red, yellow, and blue. Remember, order 9 sets of like colors and we’ll send 10.

This set includes a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth.





These $34 sets include a bathmat

These towels were ordered by some Seahawk fans to brighten up their bathroom. Custom colors, of course. Celebrate your team, school, or country. Custom bath sets make great gifts.


Celebrate any school that sports purple and gold, such as University of Washington.

School colors may vary, even within the same campus. When ordering gold, feel free to specify whether you want a more yellow gold than these or a palomino gold like the one to the far right. Many campuses have a lot of variation in their colors. Helmets , emblems, and shirts may all be different. When ordering red, feel free to specify cardinal, maroon, scarlet, etc. Or send a link with a picture you want us to try to  match. For example, University of Wisconsin, Madison lists cardinal and white as their sports colors but red and white (with black, gold and gray) as their academic colors. Here’s a set with cardinal red but includes the academic colors of gold, black and gray. Customize as much as you like.





Here are some other ideas, for example, a flower patterns. For many more ideas, visit our bath towels, bath mats, hand towels, golf towels, examples, washcloths, and beach towel pages. Just leave a note at checkout, with your preference or custom idea...


The two sets below both have matching colors but the set on the right has a variety of patterns. Feel free to leave a note at checkout, to request a variety of patterns in your towel set.