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100% cotton, tie dyed, hotel style bath mats. These are non-rubberized, very absorbent, colorfast, and made to wash over and over again. They’re thick, ~20”x29” or ~22”x34” towel-type bath mats with cam or dobby hems in both directions. They’ll really brighten up your bathroom and they’re much more absorbent than typical nylon bath mats. Available in all colors. Just choose “custom colors” and leave a note at checkout. Otherwise, you’ll receive a bright, beautiful, red, yellow and blue bath mat.

The two bath mats below are tie dyed with our default colors of red, yellow and blue. On the left is a 20x29 mat with a cam border and on the right is a 22x34 mat with a dobby border. Both are 100% cotton and easy to launder with the rest of your colored cotton laundry. Though each mat is different, ordering common colors allows you to change the decor in  in your bathroom quickly, while keeping the color scheme of your bathroom consistent.

$9 each!

Matching Colors With a Changing Look

School and Team Colors


To order tie dyed bath mats for $9 each, click here. Order 9 mats of matching colors and receive a tenth mat free!

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