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These wickets are beautiful in your yard. They are varnished for beauty and protection from the weather. They have sharpened ends so they can easily be pushed into a soft lawn. They are about 24” long and about 12” above ground, not counting the curve at the top. Sizes may vary from 22”-26” from set to set and we will make them longer or shorter, by special request. Unless, you ask, you will always receive wickets with more than 12” of above ground, not counting the curve. Longer is better for most purposes. The 30” mallet is pictured for size reference. Because of bamboo’s flexibility, the openings are easily adjustable from about 4”-8”. The wicket in the picture is adjusted to about 6”. For rocky or very hard ground, use a piece of metal such as a stake, some rebar or a screwdriver to make pilot holes. You won’t be able to successfully pound on these wickets. For soft ground such as lawns or sand, these wickets install easily by simply pushing them in.

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Installation Tips

These wickets come with a green band to suggest how far to push them into the lawn and have at least 12” of gate above the grass. The arch even makes  the gate higher. If you’re playing on sand or very loose soil, pushing them in further  will add stability. However, in firm soil and lawns, they don’t even need to be pushed in all the way.  Low tide’s nice for croquet.