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Replacement Croquet Balls!

Unlike golf balls and some of the expensive heavy plastic croquet balls, both kinds of our croquet balls float! We encourage no out of bounds. If you’re playing near a water source that’s not too deep, it’s fun to try and hit it out. Otherwise, we suggest one or two penalty shots.

Upgrade from your other backyard croquet balls!

Plastic Croquet Balls

$37 per set of 6; or $ 7 each.

To order plastic ball sets,  click on the button below the picture and choose plastic.

Plastic balls are about 3.3” in diameter and weigh about 9 ounces each. They are grooved plastic and very brightly colored. These are the only six colors we offer, in plastic. Specially selected for extreme croquet, these balls float!

Wooden Croquet Balls

$37 per set; or $7 each

To order wooden ball sets, click on the button below the pictur and choose standard wooden or custom wooden .

 Wooden balls are about 3” in diameter, 5 ounces each in weight and not as brightly colored as plastic balls. We can dye them in almost any pastel color. After we dye them, we finish them with many coats of oil and/or a non-chipping type of polyurethane rub. Though a little harder to find than the plastic balls, since they’re not as brightly colored, these balls also float

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Each set of croquet balls comes packaged in a unique, tie dyed bag.