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Baby Blankets

~29” x ~41”


These soft blankets are 100% cotton flannel. Unlike synthetic baby blankets (like polar fleece), cotton breathes. Much more comfortable for your baby. They make great gifts, too.

Hooded Baby Wraps

29”x 35”


100% Combed Cotton Interlock. Interlock is like a high-quality cotton jersey fabric. Soft like a nice tee shirt. One corner is doubled to create a hood for the baby’s head. Perfect for wrapping the baby after a bath.


These two purple and gold wraps were ordered at the same time. The colors match and the designs are very close. Because we hand tie dye each item separately, every item is unique. To the right, the customer asked for a heart pattern with purple and yellow gold.

baby wrap, peace copy02

The wrap diagonally right above is our flower pattern. To the right is a heart pattern, with a border.

To the far right is a v-striped pattern.

On the bottom row, from left to right are variations of the sun pattern, the star pattern and a close-up of the hooded corner of the star patterned wrap.

baby wrap heart 4 copy


baby wrap sbg copy



Order any colors you want, in any pattern you want. Remember, there is some mixing where the colors border each other.

For more color and pattern ideas, visit our other pages. Any pattern you see on a towel, tablecloth, shirt or any clothing, will also work on a blanket or a wrap.

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