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These aprons are very cool for cooking indoors, outdoor barbeques, lab and art classes, day care work, arts and crafts, auto repair, any time you want an apron. We also have cafe style aprons for restaurants. They’re also great for yard sales, swap meets and craft shows.

100% cotton and feature two, three, or four  pockets on the lower front. Cotton twill aprons have 4 medium-sized pockets or 2 large pockets. The 2 pocket twill aprons have an adjustable neck band. Cotton canvas aprons usually have 4 pockets but sometimes 2 or 3 pockets. In the pictures, canvas and twill are mixed. The most notable differences are a wider neck band strap and rounded corners on the adjustable aprons. All aprons are high quality, made to last.

Five different sizes! Three adult size aprons and two kid size aprons .Adjustable aprons only available with limited colors and patterns.

Our aprons are custom made to your specifications. Below are six varieties of designs, using the same rainbow palette of six colors. Width of each color varies by pattern, size, and other factors. For any special instructions, leave a note at checkout.

apron corner swirl copy02
apron corner swirl copy03
apron-vertical-spectrum, web03
apron byg 1 copy
apron, heart on green w dk blu web

Our most popular is the swirl pattern in blue, yellow, and red. Of course, any pattern is available in any color. Expect some blending. No green or purple dye were added to the swirl aprons below. The material is loosely woven and colors mix very easily.



These black aprons include three black swirls, one subtle and the others bold. Also, a shibori black apron. The shibori on the upper right is just black, with no gray dye added. The apron to the right below is an all black swirl. The other black swirls have gray and white swirls too.


These blue aprons vary a lot in pattern and a little bit in color. No two aprons are exactly alike but they can be pretty close.


apron, blue-swirl,-web

The aprons to the left and right were made using the same palette of colors: blue, purple, pink, and a hint of blue teal. The apron on the right is a flower pattern. On the left is a crinkle pattern, with color added in random splotches..


The apron to the right is a regular-sized adult apron with an adjustable neck band and two large pockets. To the left, for comparison purposes, is a picture of the adjustable apron with rounded corners next to our 4 pocket apron with squared corners.  Both types are 100% cotton twill, like most of our aprons. Adjustable aprons are only available in limited, two color c patterns.


The picture to the right compares our extra large adult apron with our regular sized adult apron. They are both cotton twill and they both have 4 pockets.



These are the preshrunk measurements of the two aprons, not including straps and neckbands:

Adult Extra Large: 32” tall, 28” wide

Adult Regular: 29” tall, 23” wide



This apron  was made for those who share the barbeque duties during  weekly “dog day,” at Cascade High School. Their colors are maroon and gray. The Cascade Bruins loved the  added bear paw print. When we sent it to the high school, we even wrapped it as a hot dog. These types of customizations are free. All you have to do is ask at checkout.


These aprons  are examples of our cafe aprons. One of the black aprons is a black overdye with a very faint swirl showing through. The others are center swirl patterns, and a rainbow stripe pattern.




cafe apron, black overdye copy

To buy any apron, just click below.

sizes are approximate, measured before shrinkage

 For custom colors or patterns other than those on the drop down menu, leave a note at checkout.

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Adult regular chef size aprons (4 pockets, cotton twill or canvas) ~25” x 29” $20 each

Adult extra large aprons (4 pockets, cotton twill) ~29” x 33” $25 each

Adult cafe style (1/2 apron), (cotton twill) ~ 23” x 14” $15 each

Big Kids aprons, (3 pocket, cotton twill), 15 each

Little Kids aprons, (3 pocket, cotton twill),  13 each

10% off on packs of 10! Prices are 10% off and you’ll save more through combined shipping.

To order 10-packs of aprons, click below. You may mix and match patterns but the colors and sizes will match. If you want to order some extra aprons in the same colors but different sizes, you may use the button to the lower right. Only the 10-pack must be the same sizes. Your price will be 10% off of the list price of the extra aprons.aprons-set-1,-web

If ordering more than 10 apron, use the button below to order the extras.

 There is no additional shipping charged for additions to your 10 packs. For example, if you want 16 aprons just order one 10-pack and 6 additional aprons. Your shipping charge will only be for the 10-pack. If you want 23 aprons, order two 10-packs and 3 additional aprons. Your shipping charge will only be for the weight of 20 aprons.

Choose sizes
Choose Color Pallette
Choose Pattern


Choose sizes
Choose Pattern