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These are our newest wicket additions. They are awesome wickets. This aluminum does not need to be coated because it doesn’t tarnish. We’ve left them out in the Seattle weather for 9 months, for test purposes and because we don’t always put things away. They are fine. We want to keep the price as low as possible so we are not going to coat them. Their only drawback seems to be visibility from a distance. On a regular sized croquet course they’re easy to see but on a large, extreme course, they’re less visible than bright white wickets. That’s easily cured with wicket clips, colored tape, ribbon or very good eyesight.




Our standard size is 4” x 16” x 5/16” diameter. That’s much thicker and longer than common backyard steel wickets and much longer than most steel or wire wickets.

The aluminum wickets in the picture are 4” gates x 16”. That leaves 4” to push into the ground and still have a 12” wicket. That is 12” x 4” is almost regulation size. Very challenging, yet leaves plenty of space at the top to hop over a ball to pass. Of course, you may order  6” gates but they will be 15” tall. Though it’s easier to get through a 6” gate, it’s much easier to block a 4” gate than a 6” gate. Like most of our products, we’ll customize them to your taste.

To order single aluminum wickets for $4.50 each, click below

To order sets of 9 aluminum wickets, for $35 each,  choose gate sizes and click below. Feel free to mix gate sizes by choosing “other.”

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