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Deadness Boards, Croquet Carts, Wicket Clips


Deadness Boards

$60, either style

Our deadness boards are magnetic and made from your choice of wood painted with magnetic paint, or magnetic white boards with aluminum frames. All deadness boards include six colors of magnets. Magnets are cut from refrigerator magnet type material.They are 32”x24”, easily visible from anywhere on the course. Just hang them from a tree, patio awning, or a fence, lean them against a tree or a fence, or set them on a chair. They’re versatile and portable. These boards are a fraction of the price of other deadness boards and they work great.

To use the boards, just place the arrow magnets in a row on the left side, leaving enough space for a rectangular magnet between each arrow. Below each arrow magnet, place a row of the other 5 rectangular magnets. As colors become dead on each other, move the dead color up so that it’s in line with the arrow.

Wooden Boards

White Boards

These are made from high quality oak or birch plywood and finished with 3 coats of high quality magnetic paint and 2 coats of gloss white exterior paint. The back side is a clear water resistant finish.

These boards are commercially made white boards, originally designed for schools, offices, etc.We’ve adapted them for croquet use. Since the backs are not coated with waterproof material, we strongly recommend bringing them in or covering them when it rains. The magnets stick more tightly than the wooden boards, the finish is much smoother and the aluminum trim gives the edges a very sharp look.

The picture on the left shows a game where no player is dead on any other player, also  the starting position. The board on the right shows a game where blue is dead on red and orange; black is dead on red; green is dead on blue; and orange is dead on green.

The picture on the left shows a white board deadness board with a game about to begin. No one is dead on anyone else. In the game on the right, the deadness board shows red dead on blue, blue dead on red, black dead on yellow, and red dead on green. Orange is dead on all colors and no one is dead on orange. Poor orange.



Choose Type

Wicket Clips

Free words of wisdom: Always know where you’re going.

Attach a clip to the next wicket that your color needs to go through. You won’t forget which wicket anyone is headed for and wicket clips  may  help curb arguments. The picture below shows clips on Amazing World Wickets and common plastic coated wire

 wood. Sure, they look like clothespins. They are. But they’re cheap, and they work great! Wood, hand painted.

Set of 4


Set of 6 wicket clips. (add orange & green)





Croquet Cart

available with or without engraving (engraving extra)


 by North Meadow Croquet