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Amazing World has been providing quality service to the recreation and education industries since our founding in 1998. We began as a provider of educational and recreational tours to children. We also provided workshops for teachers and children, including tie dye techniques. We have been croquet players for many years. During the last couple of years, we have decided to help fill a gap in quality, affordable, challenging croquet equipment that meets the unique needs of enthusiastic backyard and extreme croquet players.

It is our mission to help you slow your life down and enjoy your free time. We offer books with plenty of ideas on how to capture more free time without hurrying through the things you already do. We provide quality, affordable leisure equipment and books about leisure and the slowness philosophy.

Since we are a new to the recreational products industry, we are starting with a few of our favorites: croquet, books, tie-dyed apparel for the beach, the barbeque, and the lab.

Company Owners and Founders

We’re a small, family owned business.

Gary Lindenstein, founder of Amazing World, has served as Amazing World director since 1998.

Sharol Lindenstein is co-owner and assistant director of the company.

Profile and Philosophy

We’re school teachers who love croquet, books, barbeque, and the beach.

We believe that life should be fun. We think that life is more fun when it’s not a race. We want to slow life down, idle, and enjoy it.

We promote honesty and world peace.