Summer Vacation Schedule 2014

Though our cash registers remain on all summer, we don’t work on orders all summer. If you pay for items during closed dates, your custom order will be in line with other orders when we return, around August 24th. Whenever practical, we’ll finish orders in the order received. We will check emails all summer but not every day and we can invoice you from the road. We will respond to emails in 1-4 days, whenever possible.

June 22-July 21st

Open for regular business, croquet and tie dye

July 22nd-July 25th

Closed for new custom orders. We will finish all custom orders made by July 21st, before we leave.

Open for non custom items that are finished and in stock. This includes premade mallets, balls, wickets, and many assorted tie dyed items. Email your request and we’ll let you know if we can help. We can invoice you for any item that you want to buy, if we have it.

July 26th-August 24th

Closed for all orders. They will not be shipped during this time but you can pay and secure a place in line.

Questions?  Email Gary. You should receive an answer, within a few days.

email Gary

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